Tuesday, 17 July 2018

My First INSTAMEET With Visit Lincoln

VISIT LINCOLN, our local tourist board has been moving with the times now for a little while. With their effort to put Lincoln on the map, they are really seeing the hard work pay off. Lincoln is a must visit place and living in the heart of uphill we really feel lucky to be close to one of the most beautiful areas of town. 

The last few weeks VISIT LINCOLN has been celebrating the Uphill area of Steep Hill and the Cathedral Quarter. This area is the most picturesque part of town with the Cathedral and Castle both lining the cobbled streets. The shops and eateries have a beautiful backdrop and it made sense to hold VISIT LINCOLN'S next Instameet at LINCOLN CASTLE on a wall tour. 

The wall definitely holds the best views so heading up and round with a camera was a pure joy. This is also my absolute favourite place to take photos of the kids too and having taken an extra prop, oh, I mean child with me, having a little girl in a blue dress really lent itself to my photos. In reality I like taking pictures like the ones I will show you, ones that capture moments as opposed to views and the structure of the Castle wall and the colourings on the day made me feel so very artistic in taking pictures of Etta in this setting. 

The whole point of the Instameet is to simply meet people who are there doing the same thing. A social opportunity to go and do something that means it is fine to have your phone out and be taking pictures. As something for the city it is a great little pocket of time to just stop and see what's about. There are also a few competitions running for best shots of something specific, a theme if you will and actually, as something for locals to partake in, free of charge, it is a really great little experience.

For me, I would love to do the next one. I met a girl who I used to go to school with and it is so nice having a love for instagram instantly in common, even after not seeing her properly for well over a decade. 
Below is my collection of photos from the day: I was so pleased with the results, the colours were all just perfect!

Lincoln, if you want another social event to add to your list, I would get on board with the VISIT LINCOLN Instameets, a great opportunity to enjoy our city and meet new people. 

For more information check out VISIT LINCOLNtheir FACEBOOK PAGE and of course their INSTAGRAM for all information about this city.

Did I mention it was free to attend? Just in case!

p.s We also took a little stroll down to Grandma's flower shop and had an ice cream!


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