Thursday, 26 April 2018

Time To Play {A GLTC Review}

If you didn't know, for the past two years we have been working with Great Little Trading Company as part of their Testing Team. It gives us the opportunity to try out their products and review them on the blog. It is a job I really love and one that has never seen a competitor come close to being featured on our blog. For us, children's interiors {furniture} and play equipment all comes from one place; GLTC. They are the best. They are, and time after time I am impressed with what they are creating and even in this uber modern trend-led world, GLTC are stepping up to the plate and matching the current interior trends with their own versions. I think once GLTC were seen as just a traditional brand, expensive and for the big homes, but that perception is wrong. GLTC is affordable, luxury and they make amazing efforts to keep up to date with what the consumer wants. As always they pride themselves on simple design which has a big effect. They place storage at the top of their creativity and bring designs that are perfect for the family home to the forefront.

GLTC have more recently really got on board with current trends like monochrome and they have brought out a series of products that really salute these trends. For me, they are perfect. Not only does it make product unisex which is great for our kids who share a room, but it also means that their products suit families made up of boys and girls. I am sure that if I had just had girls our house would be a lot pinker than it is so it is nice finding products that aren't classed as either, they are just for all, which suits my style down to the ground. If you didn't catch my post about the DALMATIAN SPOT BEDDING check it out HERE! But that was the beginning of me falling hook, line and sinker into GLTC's mono themes.
Today, I want to share with you 2 new items that we have now had the chance to test. 
First off, with the weather turning warmer I have got the kids a TEEPEE. I must say, when I saw this print was coming out I was so excited. It really stands out for me from the other TEEPEEs on offer from GLTC because it wasn't 'sweet' like their other prints; it was BOLD and perfect for a family with growing kids. Let's face it, kids play for a long time {years wise} but as far as 'Cool' toys go, this tent is perfect for seeing us through many years of play. And for both kids. I love the simplicity of the black zigzag and I just love how bold it looks against the style of our home. 
This is a simple product. Thread the poles into the pre-sewn pockets, tie, pull out and attach the base. We instantly threw a duvet in and the kids were happy. 
It sits on product two which is one of the new RUGS. Now we have had one of the original cloud rugs for about two years now, it was one of the first products we got and it is beautiful. It's cute, neutral, hoovers well and still looks great. However, when I saw this ZIGZAG rug I was desperate to have it too. The thing is, right now, it's not great in the kids room with what they already have in there but it has been great for me in my office, just underneath my desk while I plan the kids' room a bit more. It is amazing for moving around and having as an extra something to play on. It looks fab and goes so well with so much; mainly my simple white dark grey. I love it though and the quality is excellent. It is a great piece for any home and one that has no chance of dating any time soon. 

I am really looking forward to a summer of playing in the TEEPEE and finding a space for the the rug. It is ideal where it is but I know it can look better. I am really glad I have them though. I am so pleased that GLTC products in prints that suit a range of styles and I love that, as a company, they keep bringing out things I want. That is truly a good sign, I'm not bored of them and I hope to never be!

*Products gifted in collaboration with our Testing Team Role.

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