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Holiday Planning & Style. {Sponsored}

We have had a long winter haven't we? It seems to have gone on for an ages and just when we have the little glimmers of a warm spring we turn back to rain. I mean, it bothers me, but I suppose here in the U.K. we just get used to it. It's around this time of year though that we all start looking towards summer. Making sure our holiday plans are being finalised and we find ourselves beginning to daydream about the warmth to come. I do anyway. Rob mentioned just last week that he had been in talks with a host in Lake Como where we went last summer to rebook and go again with the kids. It was so beautiful and hot. I can happily see us spending a week or so just there. It also got me thinking and I suppose pressuring myself a bit about trying to plan a city break for Rob and I. If you followed our Copenhagen journey last year you will know that I really fell in love with the place. I would like to continue our visits round that side of the world and see a few more cities like it. I really love a city break. And we have one other option that I am just trying to work in which is a beach holiday to Turkey. This would be the furthest I will have travelled but it would be a resort holiday on the beach and something where the kids can go off to clubs so we can have family time and a bit of adult time too. 
Planning holidays are exciting things. Once you have got the stressful cost/destination/flights bit sorted you get left with the more fun tasks of packing {I enjoy it anyway} and just enjoying the anticipation of the trip. For me, I have really got good at packing in recent years. I suppose the biggest things on family holidays is the kids' stuff which seems to just be a pile of never ending rubbish, but as our kids are now a bit older, packing for them is so much easier and it now gives me time to focus on what I want to take more.
For me, I really love to plan a holiday wardrobe. Most of the time I really try to think about what I will be doing and how little would suffice {I hate the unpacking stage}. Less is more and what I have learned is, most of the time, I plan my outfits around my shoes. Or at least make sure that all my outfits match one or two pairs of shoes so that I don't end up packing loads and loads of things I might not wear.
I thought I would break down my ideal packing for 3 different types of holidays, and hopefully give you some ideas along the way.

The City Break

So my most recent city break was Copenhagen and while we were there I wore one pair of sandals the entire time, and because of that I froze. It was early summer but their weather is a lot like ours and once it gets a bit blustery you feel the chill. Scandinavians are known for their style and one thing I noticed is that as their interiors are, their fashion is also minimal. I should have known really that trainers would have been the thing to wear. The amount of walking that we did certainly called for some serious sneaker style and if I were to go again I absolutely know what kind of shoes I would be packing.

These Hotter BROOKE Ivory Trainers are so dainty. They are really perfect for throwing on and in the ivory colour going with anything I were to wear. They aren't heavy, really minimal in style which I adore and the kind of trainer that is going to look great with everything. For me, this time round, my city break backing would be based on a few simple tee's, cropped jeans and probably a checked blazer as a jacket. With a bag across my body like this beautiful leather pink one, it leaves my hands free to capture those Instagram pictures! I travel quite light for city breaks so we only need to take hand luggage. Time flies when you are sightseeing and I find I don't get dressed up for dinner in the same way I do when we are at more of a resort break. I like to keep it simple in this case!

Lakeside dreaming

Lake Como is more than likely happening and I can't wait to walk the cobbled streets along the lakeside. Most of the time I am sure to be wanting a swim in the lake itself, but for the gelato eating and wonderous walking I am thinking about a bit of a Riviera inspired wardrobe: red stripes, tailored trousers and moccasins sound like a combination I will be seen in. Once we hire our boat {of course} and sail across to the other side I will want to look like I am a seasoned boater! Simplicity is key and making sure I have a silk scarf and big sunglasses is also going to be quite necessary! Come on, it will be like some scene from a movie; my scarf blowing in the wind, a handsome captain driving the boat......... need I go on! Sandals or trainers would also be perfect on this kind of holiday but really, I want to look like I was made to be on the water so these Tan Leather Mocs. are all I need. 

By The Beach

A resort break would see me really kick back and relax. I would take loads of soft, floaty white dresses and just some sandals. Bare feet would probably be the order of the day but for getting to and from the beach a nice pair of Leopard print SANDALS will do the trick. I love leopard print, it works so well with pretty much everything and with a tan {fingers crossed} they will keep me feeling good. Another absolute necessity to pack would be a basket bag. One which would fit all the stuff in for a beach holiday.

For me, holiday packing really hypes up the excitement. I want to be taking clothes that will make me feel part of the culture of where we're going. As I have got older I have realised the importance of packing well. That doesn't mean pack for every eventuality, it means just being sensible and really thinking abut what you will be doing. For me, most holidays will involve walking or even carrying a child so now I really only ever plan in flat shoes; comfort is key also. I have learned that you must look after your feet and be so sensible with shoes and poorly made shoes will cripple you. In my youth I didn't care, if shoes were cheap that was a good thing but like all realisations, you begin to realise that maybe getting something more appropriate for a bit more money actually benefits you a lot more in the long run. 

A couple of years ago I did a post for HOTTER SHOES and at the time I was really impressed with what they were doing. There styles can often be deemed more for "older" people but the reality is they are creating shoes that look on trend and fashionable for a much bigger age range. They specialise in comfort but also use the most beautiful soft materials. No blisters from these guys that's for sure. All I know is when you put your feet in hotter you start to ask yourself why you go through the pain of wearing anything else! It's nice having a British company making shoes too and they have just released a limited edition pare of plimsolls for charity. All round I feel really privileged to share these looks and shoes with you.
I love it when fashion and practicality blend unnoticeably. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, so when away and finding myself relaxed and happy I like to make sure that comfort comes first.

A reminder of the shoes and bags available from HOTTER right now:

*This post is sponsored by Hotter and all work has been carried out by myself.


  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to LA event venues here for an evening event and I was really impressed.


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