Monday, 30 April 2018

A Sunday Well Spent

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content is one of those sayings which I think always rings true. A stressful Sunday guarantees a bad start to the week because it feels like the week previous never ended. Our last Sunday felt quite hard work until about 12.30 after we had dropped Etta at a party and taken a very grumpy boy for a spice of pizza. This Sunday was busier than most as it had started with a new morning tennis session which then went straight into mass and then straight into a party for Etta. Raph was exhausted and teary and actually he just needed some food and time to calm down from a hyped up morning. Needless to say my anxieties were on the roof also as stressed kids make stressed parents. I needed that slice of pizza as much as he did, so we ate, played in the aisles of Asda and made unnecessary purchases before collecting Etta and heading home. Started well. Middle was bad. End, Perfect.
As Rob often does in times of trial he headed to the garden and took the kids with him. I was taking some photos for the blog and by the time I was back downstairs they had already grinded an old trike in half and were in the progress of making a go-kart. He kept the kids entertained for hours. In between being interested in what he was doing and "helping out" they played and argued together like all siblings should! 
The results were obviously as you would expect with anything Rob does, quite exceptional and the old trike that Raph got for his second birthday from Grandma was now quite different. I don't have a before picture unfortunately, it had already been cut up by the time I got there, but I am sure you can build a picture. 

Anyway, after completion and trying it out on our very flat Lincolnshire street we decided to head out to my Mum's where they are lucky enough to have shallow, but steep enough, hills! 
Meeting up with multiple cousins, who were all over there already, we spent a bit of time in the evening light riding up and down the hill. Needless to say our children lost interest pretty much straight away but luckily Rob had some nephews and a niece who were quite willing to sit and ride with him!
Enjoy our photos of the process and then the ride!


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