Tuesday, 24 April 2018

FOUR {The Monthly Meet Up}

This is so late! I know, I am writing this on April 16th, and it probably won't be posted straight away!! Time just wasn't on my mind and with the 1st falling on Easter Sunday there was always going to be no way of making that deadline. But here I am, back to the normal routine of school and a bit of time on my hands to work. I must say that March disappeared faster than ever. In fact, I can't even believe Easter has been and gone and sending off Etta in her Summer uniform this morning made me really notice just how fast this year is going. What I love about this series of posts is that my original intention, to stop and review each month, genuinely happens. I am really evaluating my time and I suppose just enjoying it's passing rather than regretting it.

March was the month of immersing myself in a more artistic culture. I have to say, it didn't go great. My solitude outings to the galleries in town didn't happen at all. I don't know why, I just never got the chance. I did a few other activities so I don't feel it was a failed month but my new year's resolution to do something different once a month was kind of at the back of my mind. What I did do was artistic though and I suppose in my own way. I went to a quilter's day at a local shop and was very artistic at that! Whilst in Cornwall I had an art class and looked and learned about colour and pattern. As a family we also went up to Manchester to a Museum {and as I am scraping the barrel trying to prove I did embrace art} I am going to include that in my list of things I did! I baked and it has been an age since I did that and I actually began to begin the artistic process of rearranging our dining space! Few! I did not think I would have any evidence of me immersing myself in the arts but I am going to use all these examples to make myself feel like I achieved March's new year's resolution!!

It was just a busy one, and coming into April I had no idea what was going to be 'goal'. I actually decided last week when at the kids' swimming lessons that it was going to be sports based but also sports as a family, or well, just with people rather than in a solitary way. I think spring is a perfect time for this, a bit of fitness which is so much more achievable as the mornings and evenings are lighter and actually as a human, my instinct is now to get out and not hibernate. I love that feeling, it comes over all of us; "spring fever" as they say.

So this month I am going to be so much more conscious of doing something sporty with others. I am also going to try to start running again as a side note. The blossoms are blooming and so it's time to get out and see as many trees as I can.
Chat again in May!


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