Friday, 27 April 2018

The White Shirt {FT. Boden}

Spring is here, the sun is out so it's time to start thinking about white! I must say, I have already given my white jeans their first wear this year and it's nearly time to get out a new, crisp white shirt and get that on. Last year I decided to start investing in two main colours for spring/summer that will see me through years of wear and they were white and blue. There are no two better colours for wearing when the sun comes out. I often think more in an every day kind of way too as I don't need to differentiate my wardrobe for work so, for me, these colours are ideal for every day wear. The thing with white and blue is that both colours just scream springtime. You see all the pretty denim dresses coming out and white starts to pop up in all sorts of forms. We all know how nice it is to put on a fresh, crisp white shirt and with a subtle hint of tan {mine's obviously from a bottle}. It is one of those classic items that, with a pair of jeans, makes a perfect combination.

I think when looking for the perfect white shirt you have to think about how you want to wear it. For me, I knew it would be with high waisted stuff, just like these jeans so I wanted one that would be long enough to be tucked in and not pop out at the back. I like white shirts with detail; just a small amount but something to set them apart from a standard, traditional white shirt. This BODEN BELL SLEEVE SHIRT gives me all that. A frill running up the buttons, cropped large sleeves and length that means I am not constantly re-tucking. Everything I want is right here! Let's not forget, like most of BODEN, this is made as a classic, one that can be worn again and again and again, and that's what you look for. You look for an item that in five years you can still wear it and love it like it was the first time. Fashion is about that; finding items that will last you and ones that will therefore never date.

*This shirt was previously gifted.


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