Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New make-up brushes from Brush Works

As far as blogging goes, my beauty blogging posts are few and far between, not for any reason in particular, but I am more attracted to clothes and home bits really. It is nice though when you find a few nice products and you are able to share them with your readers. I must say, as far as make up skills go, mine are rubbish! I don't contour, or rather I can hardly ever rock a 'smokey eye' and my winged eye liner is, well, unpractised and wobbly! But I do always wear make up, and like putting it on, it is definitely not a burden, I just don't have opportunities to sit in front of a mirror and spend time practising.

Tools are always a concern too. In the last year, make-up sponges have really changed from the classic foam triangles to the new blenders that are everywhere now. You can have brushes for everything and anything but knowing what it is for and how to use it leaves me somewhat lost. Hence why I stick to the basics! Good soft brushes for the basics; powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyes, brows. I have pretty basic ones too, none of these fan brushes or buffing brushes. Classic brushes from Brush Works see me right. Their powder brush is perfectly fluffy for a dusting finish and I love the eye duo brush. I also use this angled brush on my eyebrows. 

What I love most about applying make up is these foundation complexion sponges. I find them great for application and they really help give you a great coverage with which ever foundation you use. Using a sponge rather than your fingers or a brush means that you can layer better and there is no streaking or uneven parts. I find it definitely helps my foundation sit better on my skin and gives me better coverage over blemishes.

When it comes to my everyday make-up I would apply a full face; foundation, bronzer, blusher, highlighter and mascara. I usually do more eye make up for special occasions or just dressier days, and I would darken my eyebrows very slightly if my heavy fringe was sitting where it would show them. 

For me make up is all about feeling presentable. If I get my make up on, I feel I have tried to look good and that helps me to get on with a day. As a mother, time is precious so I am putting on make up as the kids brush their teeth, and do other 'getting ready' things on a morning. 
I would always like more time but I don't want to spend hours on it as that also doesn't interest me. A fresh face, ready for the day is all I need. 

I would love to learn more though, YouTube make-up vlogs are addictive but whenever I try out tips and techniques I can never quite pull them off! All practise is good though and I do like to try, when I get the time. But for now, getting a fresh face with easy tools is what matters the most and I am finding that with some of the Brush Works tools, they are making it easy.

My Make Up Routine.

Sponge on the liquid foundation:

Dust translucent powder under the eyes to help brighten them:

Add bronzer, blusher and eye make up:

Pop on the lippy:

Love my look. Quick, non fussy and every day wearable:

How do you get your make up done on a morning? Do you have hours or 10 minutes?


*Post in collaboration with BrushWorks who wanted me to test their brushes.

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