Monday, 22 August 2016

Cake for one!

It isn't often that you would be in a position that you could eat a whole cake to yourself. I mean, in this house not only are there two little birds to feed, but the likelihood of Rob and I consuming something homemade just to ourselves is pretty small.
However sometimes, just sometimes, making a cake small enough just for one is a real treat and one that could (if needs be) be consumed by one. 

I have found a beautiful party shop online that sells some beautiful mini cake stands which just look seriously beautiful and come in so many shades. I am on The Sweet Hostess every other week just looking at their beautiful products and enjoying daydreaming about parties. 
I really want to start a new series called 'MINI Cakes' on the blog and I think come Autumn that's what I will be doing. I love the idea of baking, but having a big cake in the house each week also fills me with dread. I just don't need to be tempted into eating them, but something a bit smaller, well that is perfect!
These mini cake stands lend themselves to it really, simply beautiful and the perfect size for a mini cake!

My first mini cake make was the simplest, a brownie, yep, very easy in a 12cm cake tin and then just smothered in some vanilla butter cream.
I then placed a bunch of fresh lavender and rosemary alongside and you have the perfect little cake for one, or two depending on how you are feeling!

The cake stand is quite aptly Lavender making this whole piece pretty perfect!

Who says you always need to offer it out? Sometimes just keep it for yourself!


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