Saturday, 20 August 2016

It is not Autumn yet, but I am already excited.

I am sure I have spoken about this before, my utter love for Autumn is no secret. Above all other times of year this is my favourite, why? Because this is the time of year when I get to wear my favourite items; Boots and Coats. I love them, in fact they are my favourite thing to buy and I do already have beautiful pieces that are ready to be reworn in the next few months.

Seriously though, as I write this I am thinking about crispy leaves, woolly hats, blanket scarfs; all the warm deliciousness that this one season brings and it literally fills me with excitement!
And my passion for boots was really fulfilled this week when a parcel from Joules arrived. Not only did I have an unexpired discount code to use, I also had a gift voucher and I had been patiently waiting since I got it for their new season Chelsea Boots to come out, and the moment I saw them on the website, they were purchased!

This year more than ever Joules have expanded their Chelsea Boot collection and there are some seriously cool boots available.
Now they are expensive, I would quickly agree but last year I got a Leopard print pair and I lived in them. I absolutely loved them, and they were just perfect for wearing with jeans and a striped top. A generally perfect formula. 

So this year, I was torn but I have chosen this perfect Chocolate Croc Print leather pair and they are delicious!!

For me, it was going to be something darker as the other pair are a tan leather. These will look fab with everything and I am so excited to wear them.

I just wanted to share them with you now before all the Autumn weather gets here and they begin to sell out, they do, but Joules are good at restocking.
I think these ones might be a big hit though so this is your HEADS UP!

You can hardly see the difference in wear between the two of them, and believe me, I did wear last year's ones well! Apart from giving the front a bit of a polish these are ready for my Autumn walks. And the new ones, well, they are going to have a fab season of wear!


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