Saturday, 6 August 2016

A quick crafty gift that the whole family can make.

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, homemade ones are always the best. Ones that the whole family can be part of are also excellent as it shows that you all put your own little touch to it. 
Rob's sister got married recently and didn't want any gifts particularly. Instead they asked for presents to be in the form of help towards the day, things like hanging fairy lights or taking photos was the gift of time gift we gave, but those aside we still wanted something to give them to mark the occasion. I wanted it to be something quite creative also, something they wouldn't already have. 
It was actually Raph that gave me the idea, he wanted to use some of mummies 'special pens' on something and we happened to have an unused plate nearby which I said he could decorate. A few forts, cars and people later, he had drawn all over a white plate really making it his own and very colourful. It then quite clearly came to me that we could make the lucky couple a serving plate that they could use for cake. And that was it.

We started on a team effort of decorating a large white porcelain plate with a Porcelain Pen. Now these are usable on a range of items but the obvious one is porcelain. You simply draw the design, leave it to dry, then bake in an oven for 90 mins and leave to cool in there also. 
Pretty simple. The effect; pretty sensational!

I simply wrote on the plate in a dark blue, then we all added hundreds of hearts (and Etta's squiggles) to the plate. The overall effect is beautiful and it has made the gift quite perfect!

This idea is brilliant for all types of gifts and was so easy in relative terms. Yes it takes a long time to finish it but imagine presenting it to someone with a cake on it and seeing it become revealed as they ate away the cake!
What a perfect little craft project!
What a perfect little gift!


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  1. Love, love, LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing �� Can I ask if you got a special plate made (it seems bigger than normal and a lovely shape)? Thanks


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