Thursday, 18 August 2016

Little Boys In Little Linens Suits.

A few weddings a year is no strange thing to all of us, but 3 on consecutive weekends in July has been a challenge! Not only was it exhausting but the thought behind every outfit was huge. Having to have nice suits, ones that the kids could run around in and clothes that would make Rob and I look like we weren't at the end of our tether! It became quite a challenge until Raphael received (and just in the nick of time) a beautiful Little Linens suit.

I think fashion for boys, especially with regards to party wear is now such a big area. There are lots of options these days and little boys suits have a huge cuteness factor to them. 
With the warm weather though I knew I needed to be looking at shorts suits to keep Raph cool. 
Linen, not being a fabric I had actually considered for him before, became an obvious choice. The kind that left me thinking, ''Why did I not consider this before?'' But we do that, not actually think of the practical!

As soon as Raph put on this suit, I just couldn't get over how he looked. And to be honest, the reviews we got back from all our family and friends at the wedding were amazing. No one could get over how good he looked but how grown up, how stylish and just how God-darn cute this guy was!

For me, Raph is always cool. This suit just seemed to heighten that but not only was the overall look good, this boy played for hours and hours running around and really putting it through its paces. 
I must say, it got so stained , especially the beautiful linen shirt, but honestly it has all come clean, not even stressful, a good wash has brought it back up perfect. For me, this is amazing, all us parents don't want wear once clothes, do we? Stuff that looks great again and again is what matters.

Now Little Linens was a new brand to me, but boy am I so glad it was introduced to me! It is a small collection at the moment, but it is linens and it has the classic colours and they work, so for me, it is great.

This specific selection was so perfect for the wedding we attended. I especially love the Grandad collar shirt as it has a hint of summer ease to it. 

Worn with some classic Converse trainers, this little boy was ready to play and dance with no cares in the world.

And matched with what I and his sister wore, the colour of his suit really did pop!


*Post in collaboration with Little Linens who gifted us this suit.

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