Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What is it with boys and sticks?

On holiday in Sandringham recently, we went for a woodland walk. The first thing Raph looked for was a stick to play with. Sticks & branches are so primitive & versatile. They can be made into match sticks, fire kindling, swords, Lances, skewers for marshmallows, bows & arrows & boat oars. Raph loves anything to do with knights with swords on horses, cowboys with guns & protecting us from monsters.
 Don't be afraid of letting your kids have a sword fight or toast a marshmallow on an open fire; supervise them, but let them do it themselves as it's the only real way to learn how to do anything. The stick is a great extension for imaginative play, so when you're in the woods; the trees are your toy store! 

Rowing on our boat.

Post by Rob.

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