Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dried flower wreath.

Our house always has little pots of flowers drying. I love trying to save blooms from hitting the mouldy,  wasted stage of their life by catching them just before they turn brown. I have written about it before but I find the best flowers to dry are roses and hydrangeas, especially around our home.

I have had the heart shaped wreath for years. It has moved around the house, always resting in a different place so I thought I would give it a bit more purpose and decorate it with some of the blooms I had dried over the summer. 

It was a simple process, only requiring a glue gun as an adhesive. Making something like this very much depends on your own tastes and style.
I decided to go quiet petite, only using small bits of hydrangea and little rose bud heads. Because of the greyish colour of the wood and the gingham ribbon I decided a more purple colour scheme would be nice. Once I had everything ready it was quite simply a case of finding my middle point and working outwards. I glued a bundle of 3 heads to the centre point of the heart and worked out, trying to replicate on both sides so it matched nicely.

I made sure to use as many bits as possible, keeping them tight together so that it created a really full effect. I decided I didn't want to go all the way around as I like the rose/wood effect that was appearing. 
Once I was happy with how far the flowers came round I just stopped.

The final effect is so beautiful. Such a pretty little keepsake for the home, made from flowers that have been in our home through the summer.

I wouldn't recommend keeping something like this on the front door. Once the flowers are attached it will not respond well to the damp autumn mornings. Keep it inside and dry and it should last for many months.

Have you ever had success at drying your own flowers?


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