Friday, 4 September 2015

Cheating on birthday cakes and your #mamabakescakes!

Gosh, what a couple of weeks. With our holiday last week where we were in the middle of a field in the Norfolk countryside there was no way I was finding any kind of signal, let alone an ounce of 3G! I can't believe how much I missed!! I have been trying to 'like' all your photos but there are so many, so I am sorry if I have missed some!! 

#mamabakescakes is looking particularly scrummy at the moment. It is so lovely having you all join in! What is more lovely is that this month Daisy Blue Candles are going to be joining in and picking out a favourite bake to gift a candle to! Her scents are just divine and my apple and mint candle that I have at home just releases the most gorgeous smell. Why not check out her Instagram for some refreshing ideas and pop over to her website. I have my eye on a couple to add to my autumn collection. The vanilla rose and angel's kiss are on my shopping list!!
So keep tagging and enjoying your baking, I know I sure am!!

As we have been away I just haven't baked in weeks! It was Etta's birthday while we were away camping but due to obvious reasons I was unable to bake myself, so we got some doughnuts to create her cake! Pretty spectacular especially at 10am!

I have been loving your bakes too!


Head over to Nanda's Instagram account to see her collection of favourites!

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  1. Thank you for including me once again in your blog!!!


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