Friday, 31 July 2015

Enjoying blooms and gaining inspiration #mamasblooms

So I have decided to split #mamasblooms and #mamas bakes into two posts as you guys have been enjoying sharing your pictures so much! I must say a huge thank you on behalf of Nanda and myself as the support for this has been wonderful! We absolutely love seeing all the pictures and hope you are all enjoying everyone else's ideas also.

This week #mamasblooms got some fantastic support from Bloom & Wild. This 'flowers through your letterbox' company have got the most beautiful selection of flower bouquets that can be posted straight through your front door! They come as single stems and with instruction notes on how to arrange them. It is a wonderful idea and even if you don't feel particularly creative the explanations are clear and easy to follow.
I decided to arrange mine into 4 individual jam jars and place in this lovely bottle carrier. The flowers selection is beautiful and I can't wait to watch them bloom.
Not only have Bloom & Wild shown their support to Nanda and I by gifting us both these beautiful bouquets but they are also going to follow along with #mamasblooms and at the end of August pick a lucky winner who will also receive a beautiful bouquet from them! So if you want to be in with the chance of winning one of these, keep posting you flower related pictures with our hashtag!!

On to this week and I have taken some lovely pictures of flowers in my life. My Instagram seems to have one nearly every day but I thought I would just select a couple and then share some gorgeous ones from this week.

This peach carnation and lily one was from Bloom & Wild

Like me, Nanda's home is always full of flowers too!

This week you have really inspired me with the selection, I mean wow! I felt that there were too many to choose just 4 so I have extended my selection (just a little) to share more.
I think we can all agree that flowers bring a calmness and joy to our lives and I felt that these pictures really showed that. Whether they are on the kitchen table or kept to the side, you
guys have displayed your flowers so beautifully!

From top left to right;
@mumtothreelittlemonkeys / @rubysummerscountryhome / @blossomingbirds / @flojoro123 / @johanna.hc / @homeheartharmony

Well done ladies, they were all inspiring!

Keep tagging and checking #mamasblooms as there are so many lovely pictures.

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  1. Thank you so much for picking one of my pictures! I always love the images you share on Instagram but my faves are the ones with flowers. Thanks for being an inspiration. Xx

  2. How did I miss this??? Thank you so much for choosing one of my pictures xxx


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