Friday, 10 July 2015

Camo chic and arm candy.

Hello weekend! Here we are with day 6 of our BDG Fashion week in collaboration with Lush Labels UK. Once you get to the weekend it's so nice dressing as far away from you 'work wardrobe' as possible. I am lucky that my work wardrobe only really consists of layering my clothes to keep warm so I don't need to have a smart week as such. Weekend style is always a bit different though, more relaxed or practical depending on what you are doing. This outfit is a fave of mine; easy white top, ripped jeans and pretty pumps is a basic for any wardrobe. Wearing it with my camo shirt made accessorising very easy and wearing lots of bracelets is the key in this look. Stacking up my wrists with Links Of London and Bill Skinner in lovely gunmetal grays, silver and blacks matched the overall look and the skull bracelet and necklace matched the (slightly) grunge girl look!

Once again a huge thanks to Susan from Lush Labels UK for the loan of the jewellery for this photo shoot.

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  1. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award, because your blog is so beautiful. If you want to complete it, the rules are here.


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