Thursday, 2 July 2015

French signs and my new years resolution review.

I loved my ‘Have Courage’ pallet wood sign so much that with changing the flowers I decided to make another one!
If you know me well you will know that I have a fascination with French style and the French way of life. In a dream world we would own a house over there and travel between the two; yep, in a dream world!
I always like to have a few frenchie bits around the house and I suppose this is my newest. It was an easy make: a piece of pallet wood, some letter stencils and some white paint. It is amazing how crisp it looks but how it also gives that rustic country effect.
Pondering on the pictures I took I thought it would be good to review my new year's resolution which was to immerse myself in all things French! We all know that new year's resolutions are made with all the right intentions but most of us would probably trail off target as the months pass on. I felt that as mine was quite an ambiguous statement in the first place i haven't ‘failed’ as such. I must say, I have tried. I've read a lot of French style and parenting books and have loved creating little French pieces round the home. Rob and I were teaching ourselves a bit of French occasionally and the ‘French in 15 minutes’ book is on the side still (not been opened properly in the last two months though!) I did develop a new favourite phrase though whilst learning; ‘Mes enfants sont fatigue’ - my children are tired! I thought it would be useful at some point in our lives!
Needless to say there is more I can be doing other than eating more cheese and French bread! I would still love to take up proper lessons for the whole family, (if anyone knows someone in Lincoln offering them, please get in touch) but I do feel that as a resolution I am pleased with the little bits I seem to do each month that makes me feel a bit more French. My wardrobe sure reflects it with all the stripes I am wearing! I am secretly hoping for a spontaneous week away in the summer but life is busy and we have nothing planned! I will just carry on as I am and I am sure one day I will live my French dream; channel hopping and enjoying the good life!

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