Tuesday, 27 November 2018

What I Look For When Buying Boots

Great boots last for years!

Sometimes, all you need to make the transition from Autumn to winter fashion is good boots. I am really picky when it comes to boots but that's only because I have learned what suits me over the years. I remember for a long time never wearing heeled boots as boots had to be practical. I mean they were always flat and if I wanted something fancy that was usually in strapping detail around the boot! Oh, how my style has changed!!

These days I have a big tick list of things before boots make it home and I thought I would share that with you to help you make good future purchases!

For me, boots need to to be made of Leather, that is important. I hate nothing more that scuffing shoes that you love and being unable to be polish out the mark. I also find that they lose their shape badly and usually crease. I just buy leather as I know they can be repaired to a better standard after years of wear. Because I buy with this in mind it means that the styles I go for are slightly more classic.

Over the knee and ankle boots were always my 'go to'. Mid-calf boots do not suit me or my style, and to be honest, knee high boots felt dated until I got this pair and they kind of showed me how nice they can be if I get the right colour and cut.

The colour makes a big difference. I have boots in all colours but really tan and oxblood are my favourite! Tan boots will go with everything. I mean that, literally everything!! So they are a great colour to invest in! My newest pair are these Oxblood Boden ones and I feel they have shot up to be a favourite of mine! They are a beautiful colour and I just feel that they go with so much in my wardrobe. The berry colour was one I have always looked at but never purchased, but these are beautiful and I am so pleased with them.

Heel height is also something I wanted to talk about. I used to always have flat boots but I have learned to have a practical pair for outings but have all my others with a heel now. I find they elongate my leg more and make me carry myself differently so when I spend most of winter wearing them, I still feel like I have dressed up somewhat even though I just wear jeans and a jumper with then a lot of the time. Heel heights have changed so much and I feel the market offers so many more options. I always go for a block heel too now as that give you loads more balance and I find my feet don’t hurt after a day wearing block heel boots like they do when I am in stiletto styles. With regards to practical boots, I have Chelsea boots which are flat but I am finding I just don’t wear them much anymore. Maybe that's a fashion thing but Last year I picked up some Timberland style worker boots which I wore all through the snow and just loved them. Those kind of practical flat boots I love, but it makes me smile how my tastes change! I haven’t worn my beloved leopard print Chelsea boots for a year!

With a list like this I find it helps me not to 'rush buy'. I really like to analyse a pair of boots as they are usually pricey in real leather so they have to really be something I want! At the moment these Oxblood boots are the ones I am wearing on repeat and I just love them with all my dresses and skirts! Do you over think buying boots? I am just trying to be more conscious about how I spend!

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*Outfit gifted for work with Boden

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