Wednesday, 28 November 2018

The Brown Dress

Repeating Styles Suit Me!

I feel like the fashion side of my blog is repetitive at the moment, but that's just because I have found my favourite combination and am wearing it in as many ways as I can! Dresses, skirts and jumpers can’t be beat in my eyes and having been told that I make great two piece outfits, I am just really enjoying them. Also, I feel I have discovered my colours and am more comfortable than ever in picking items based on colour and what suits me. I am an autumn girl so browns, reds and oranges seem to be my thing. A lot of my wardrobe really reflects the season but I can’t remember this happening really before this year.

 Maybe it’s my mental health and how I look at it or maybe it’s just eventually, after years of trying to be minimal and grey I have found that just really isn’t me!
I think as we get older maybe we embrace what we truly like rather than trying to always be “fashionable” and for me, maybe that is a dose of colour!

Finding inspiration from others.

I follow blogger Belle & Bunty on Instagram and find I like a lot of their outfit piecing. As there are two of them, they show a really nice breadth of colour and I like to check in and see what they have been styling. I have similar hair colour to one of them too so it’s nice to see someone with a similar complexion wearing clothes. That makes a difference when shopping for fashion!

Anyway, a few weeks ago they shared this dress as one to watch so I made sure to purchase it pretty quick. I loved the monochrome spots in the summer and these more autumnal brown/ burgundy ones are ideal for the change in season! 

This dress though; its style, cut and length really suits me and I am so pleased with it! I think in the colder months it is hard to imagine wearing maxi dresses but with tights and boots (and often a jumper) I am so happy with how I can keep changing my combinations and recreating my favourite looks!

Outfit Details:



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