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''Buy Wood, Buy Once'' {A Post With Great Little Trading Company} & The Kids New Bedroom!

''Buy wood, buy once'' is a statement that I believe in. If you read my last post on it you will understand why! Read my post HERE.

Recently Great Little Trading Company have been working on a campaign championing this statement as it is one they believe in. In fact, I am changing my spending habits to make sure I waste as little as possible. The idea though that you spend your money on good quality, wood products for interiors and play means that you get a better life longevity out of it, which we all know to be true. This post shares the children's new room update and hopefully inspires your design ideas using some of the wooden products GLTC offer.

We have been working on updating the kids bedroom as they have had a very nice simple star based theme for the past few years and as a boy/girl sharing, it really worked. It was simple, neutral and simple to maintain. Most things were either white or grey and it just all matched nicely. As our house style has developed over the last few years I felt that the kids room was getting further away from the more Scandi/new bohemian style that has encompassed most of the house. With that in mind I knew it was time to move away from the stars that I felt was more 'nursery' than 'kids' room'. With a 7 and 5 year old I definitely had room to play. Some colour perhaps and just a few more wooden pieces. The thing with a boy/girl room is that it always has to be gender neutral which, when you move away from grey becomes hard! Luckily for us, our kids are happy keeping it simple but with small adjustments to make them happy.

Our first easy change was the kids' headboards, for example. 2 old pine beds that were mine and a siblings simply needed a fresh sheet of fabric on! I got some beautiful muslin fabric that was a perfect colour for keeping both happy. With the addition of a new bookcase big enough to store books, treasures and lego models; both again were happy.

Now if you have been following me for a long time you will know there are certain things I can’t deal with. Bright character bedding/wallpaper/clothes and stopping the interior flow of the house. So for the kids' room I have always tried to match everything. First we started out with just white bedding, then grey stars, then black and white polka dot (all very minimalist) and now I think some of you might think I am crazy but our new colour injection is green!!

I know, horror, but GLTC have just brought out one of their most gorgeous gender neutral prints ever. I think I have said that every time I have ever shared their bedding but this statement is so true! WELCOME WOODLAND COLLECTION!

This beautiful and simple little tree print is so beautiful. For me, its Scandinavian accent is perfect and you simply cannot beat white and wood details! And yes, that used to purely refer to furniture but not any more!! This little print adorns the kids' beds and is perfect for this revamp! It’s not just the bedding either. We have the print in RUG FORM which is really beautiful, and sits perfectly between the two beds. The quality of a GLTC rug has always been incredible and they hoover up amazingly well!! And it was these items that really inspired the rest of the room. 

The white remains a strong contender meaning all the furniture is still white. The woody trees means that we also wanted bare pine to feature as much as possible so Rob built a new windowsill which is beautiful to touch. A NEW SHERWOOD CHEST OF DRAWERS offered us the white with simplicity of the wooden handles and our most favourite new pieces are the BOOKCASES. Rob even admits that as he built them he didn’t really get why I had got them but as soon as they were up on the wall, we both agreed that they were our favourite GLTC item ever! 

The thing is, GLTC have had their GREENWAY UNITS for some time now but they have just released it in white with a pine wood bar instead and that touch of pine wood makes all the difference!!! It makes it feel more natural and like the window sill, and chest of drawers it is the small touch that changes everything.

 Wood is such a nice texture to feel, it is very grounding and we all love that natural element so introducing that to the kids' room has been a real treat.

As expected, you know these items will last well and they can grow with the children. Reality is, we are always going to have white rooms so white furniture will always be needed! Also, I have always liked wood and white so even if accent colours change, classic furniture pieces will always look good!

Storage wise not only are bookshelves perfect but our ABBEVILLE Storage Unit had an update with some new cotton boxes. The WOODLAND CUBE and ZIGZAG CUBE contrast so well so we got a few of each to tie in with the theme!

The children's room has also had an injection of real and faux greenery. It matches with the house so well and actually, will all the tree print it really suits the space. With some new prints to finish off the walls a simple paint job has turned into something so much more! I didn’t even mention the dark grey feature wall we have done which is very similar to our bedroom! I absolutely love it and the way the white beds and bookshelves pop against it!!

Enjoy the photos, you can find links to individual items at the bottom of the post!

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  1. What a stunning bedroom Emily. You've done such a beautiful job! I love the bedding and rug, and all the white and wood details. I wish I could get my boys' rooms to look this nicely put together. I'm also not a fan of the character prints and cartoons as they can change fashion like the wind. I think clean and simple is a great look and the toys, accessories and books especially really 'ping' and stand out! Off to have a look on GLTC! xx


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