Thursday, 22 November 2018

My Thanksgiving 2018

We are not American, nor do we have any kind of American genetics running in our blood, but for the last 5 years we have celebrated Thanksgiving. Why? Well, why not? I try to write each year about it and this year I nearly missed it by a week, but on Thursday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Not the American way; our way. America has a lot to be thankful for with their rich history of ancestors, they ventured across to build a new world and thus, celebrate their Thanksgiving. Obviously, they recognise other areas of life that they have become thankful for and that is what we style it on. Spending an evening with family and toasting to everything we have been thankful for that year.

For me, it just helps to refocus me. It also makes me reflect as a year zips by and, sometimes, you just forget about what's been so good. Every year we take it in turns to go round the table and say something that we are thankful for. 

The very first one we did after completing an extension in the summer and had Etta at the end of August and I remember it being the first time that both our families were all in our house at the same time! We had a big enough space now and with only 3 young children in the family and not as many spouses, it was a dinner that could be had easily. Now there are 9 more bodies and we have had to split it so it never feels quite as good as back then but it still is worth celebrating and I always like a party!

So, Thanksgiving for us is a time of reflection and celebration, thinking about what we have, what we had and hoping for the happiness to come!

With all that in mind I decided to write a list of 10 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

  1. That my grandparents are still alive.
  2. That we got to experience a wonderful holiday skiing in France at the end of last year.
  3. That we have good health
  4. That the children are doing well at school
  5. That I have a really nice little job
  6. That life is working for us
  7. That my Scandinavian dream still lives on!
  8. That the kids enjoyed Italian life as much as us!
  9. That I still feel so content with our home even though I feel very influenced to want more, we don’t need it!
  10. That I have learnt more about the importance of life!

I hope you give yourself sometime to reflect this year. Even if it is not on Thanks giving, you should always find time to count your blessings and toast to the good!

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