Friday, 5 October 2018

Hygge & Me {Yes, It still means something}

It's cooler weather. It's time for enjoying home comforts. It's also time for reintroducing buzz words into our lives!! Hygge; has anyone spoken about it for 6 months?? Maybe not round here so much but believe me, it is still a word on my brain!

If you haven't heard of Hygge, I wouldn't worry. You will probably find it is something you do anyway, all the time in fact and it is or was something that hit UK conversation last year when we simply couldn't get enough of the Scandinavian motto for cosy. That is simply what it is, a description of how to enjoy cosiness within your life. Whether it be through long walks, time with friends, eating, playing music or sitting in front of the fire, Hygge is about giving, and recognising those moments of happiness. 
October is a great month to start being aware of such things. To enjoy the change in nature around us and to have that outdoors but also in the home. It's so nice seeing people's social media feeds getting covered with pumpkins. Everything has got a warm candle lit and that in itself fills up emotions inside of us all that makes us want to join in. 

My hygge has been ongoing. It's weird when you genuinely like a way of life, from a different part of the world. I think people thought that I was just on the bandwagon but as time has moved on it is very much at the forefront of how we live. There is a lot of ethos behind the Hygge way of life. And much like other ethos like Lagom and Lykke, they centre around being happy with what you have. The want to have more is diminished and you can truly appreciate pure enjoyment out of life. 
What's not to like about that though? I am also a big fan of Fika {Cake and coffee} and what has helped is the fact that the buzz words became popular and it meant that it actually gave me more of a shove to realign myself. 

In the last 2 years and since having CBT, God was ever present in my life but sometimes bible stories don't help me find my feet. Creating a way of life that helps me build on my homely relationships is what I need and seeing the fruits that come from recognising the needs of the home through trying to create an understanding of simple has actually opened our lives up more than we could have imagined.
Now I am not saying this is down to Hygge and Fika and whatever "way of life" that can be described as good, but this is down to learning and developing our own art of keeping the family cosy and making sure we have enough just for us!
Don't fear the fashionable words, we are not better than them, we can just learn from them.


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  1. It feels great to find someone who likes hygge, there is something in this word that just saying it makes me feel cosy.


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