Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Fashion For Me

It seems that fashion that isn't so disposable is at the forefront of many minds at the moment. With new information coming out almost daily, a lot of fashion influencers are talking about how they want the outfits to be fashionable, but not cheap, fast fashion so that they just have loads of clothes that don't get worn. This is no new way of thinking. There are plenty of you who already truly consider sensible buying the only way forward. I also do, and as much as I love to share an outfit, gifted or otherwise, we have to be realistic in understanding that when purchasing clothes we need to think about why we are buying them more than ever. 
The reality is, most trends come around every few years. What we should be doing is spending our money better so that our nice clothes keep for longer. This is no new way of thinking, in fact I have been trying to implement this into my own life for sometime and have talked about it before now. It is all about buying to enjoy and buying to last. I don't believe in keeping things for "Special occasions", wear the nice stuff everyday is what I say. and if you spend a bit more on quality and not quantity those wears will keep on coming. 

Last year I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful BODEN pink wrap coat. It is beautiful, A good shade of pink for me and it is obviously made well. I love a wrap coat; maybe it is that dressing gown feeling you get when you tie it round yourself, but boy have I been looking forward to its appearance this winter! This year they have released another wrap around coat, and in true BODEN style it is a beautiful bright red! In fact if it wasn't perfect for your autumn it sure will be for the Christmas period. That said, it is another great coat to add to my wardrobe. Now I only want to talk about coats as coats are where I always spend my money. Yes, I have got a few (3) cheap ones over the last year and have been disappointed. 2 have already gone to the charity shop and my reasoning to get rid of them quickly was because they were "Cheap". That, my friends, is not the way to shop. Within the day of dropping them off I knew immediately that I had been wasteful. Yes, part of me knows that someone else can get a real bargain and the charity can make money but really, I shouldn't be so disposable with clothes. 

When it comes to purchasing coats especially, I like to go for classic cuts. Ones that will last for years. You can't go wrong with a car coat, double breasted, mac, puffa jacket, wax jacket, a waterproof and usually, the more you spend the longer that coat will hang beautifully in a wardrobe. And we can't deny that with coats. I think my Dad has been wearing the same Barbour wax coat for 30 years. It would have cost him a fortune but the proof is there, it lasts and he spent his money well. 
I have definitely come to the conclusion that with coats, and all my clothes, I need to not be so trend focused but buy things that will look good now, next year, years after or even, if I do hand them on, will be as good for the next owner. 

Today's look is all BODEN

*This outfit was gifted for sharing purposes.

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