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The Healthier Option With Tesco {Sponsored}

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I remember when JAMIE OLIVER was first on TV, my parents probably found him to be a breath of fresh air and I, as a teen, found him entertaining and he definitely made cooking look more interesting. JAMIE OLIVER's time on TV made him a household name, which I find amazing when I think that I was part of the young generation who saw him do it. I remember at school going to one of the big food shows and he was the main event. We had tickets to watch him cook and it was great. In fact I remember friends waiting in a queue for him to sign autographs and one of them fainting, but this was over 15 years ago now and a lot of that day is forgotten. I think my brother has had all of JAMIE OLIVER'S cook books; they sat on the shelf in the kitchen at home and were used as and when.

 I suppose it has only been as we have grown older and taken on cooking for ourselves that the use of recipes disappears a bit. We try to cook most of our meals from scratch and really just make it up. We are very conscious that if you do it yourself you have control of what you put in. That means extra veg and less salt or even just making something simpler than suggested, we just like the control and that helps us create a more balanced diet.

When Tesco asked us to try one of the NEW RECIPES JAMIE HAS DESIGNED WITH THEM we were only too happy to have a go. I really enjoy writing about family food as it is something Rob and I have a lot to say about. Life is made better round the dinner table and we really like to provide meals that fill our bellies and our hearts when we sit together on an evening.
JAMIE has designed a range of new HEALTHIER RECIPES to encourage people to swap out food that won't fill our bodies in the right way. We all know JAMIE OLIVER is a pioneer for healthier eating especially with children and really the best place to encourage that is at the family dinner table. 
I was allowed to pick one recipe, which we then would make ourselves, so we decided to have a go at a classic FISH FINGER SARNIE. Now we are no stranger to a white bread, breaded fish finger sandwich. In fact, often after swimming we have them as they fill you up, so I really wanted to try a healthier version.

The recipe itself is great and easy to follow. I love that it shares how to make your own coleslaw, which we like to do anyway and it offers the healthier substitutes, like using yogurt instead of mayo, which I think tastes so fresh!
Not only is this recipe pretty straight forward really, but the cost is great too, at £1.80 per portion it makes it so cost achievable which often seems to be the off putting thing in healthier eating.
This FISH FINGER SARNIE is obviously quite different to the ones we would have; with fresh salmon, peas and slaw you really are getting a treat for the taste buds. And with a more comforting side of sweet potato wedges rather than chips we were absolutely blown away by how good this was.
I love seeing Rob's reaction the most with this kind of project as he doesn't usually like following recipes, more making it up as he goes along. He is so wise and great at trying to keep us all on a balanced diet and when he turned round and said how good it was I knew we were onto a winner.

For us, healthier eating really is a lifestyle change. It isn't just a choice as to whether you are going to eat a certain amount of healthier meals in a week, your whole method of shopping has to change and you need to make your entire lifestyle healthier. It is easier than you think to do and starting with what you put in the kitchen cupboards really helps. Plus, don't always think of food as just healthier, think of it as delicious because it truly is and there is absolutely no way that JAMIE OLIVER is failing with this range, you just need to be confident to try it and you will find that getting healthier food in you is easier than you think. 


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