Monday, 22 October 2018

Love Local This Half Term

Today I share a trip out to RAND FARM. A great day out in Lincolnshire for the whole family.

Lincolnshire is really full of wonderful days out. It lends itself to the wide open space we have so much of here and inevitably, some of the best attractions are outside which I do really love. For us entertaining the kids is an easy one when we have so much on our doorstep. A 15 minute walk takes us to the Cathedral quarter which is home to the castle as well, and if we wanted something a bit further then it is only a car ride away. Having October half term creeping up it seems right to talk about a family day out we experienced a few weeks ago.

RAND FARM PARK has been around for as long as I can remember. I went there as a child to feed the animals and play on the {much smaller} playground and since having children we have found ourselves returning more recently as it is one of their favourite places to go. If you are local and have never been or haven’t been in years you will find that it is almost unrecognisable. In fact it has grown somewhat to accommodate more than just animals but children's playing. It is a super place for play and RAND FARM have developed their farm area so well to allow children to access all sorts of fun. Not only do they have indoor playing but a massive outdoor play centre as well. They still have the animals where you can help feed them and play with the rabbits and guinea pigs. They also have a few restaurants and new hay bales area and more lead activities like a tractor ride and archery. RAND FARM also offers children's parties and holiday clubs which I only hear great things about!

It was Etta’s birthday when we last went. The last few days of the summer holiday is usually filled with trips to the shops to get school shoes but that wasn’t us. For once, I had been organised and sorted that all out before. We spent a great day there, it seemed to just fly by and as a family it was nice to not have to travel that far to get a days entertainment. 

In the holidays they usually have special activities on; this particular day was a dinosaur day which meant there were activities available to match. Between being archaeologists we spent most of our time outside playing.

It was there where the kids wanted to be and really, who can blame them? Raph was now old enough to go on the sky ride, a zip line that gave kids a brilliant view, and he was just too excited to think about anything else. For Etta, being the birthday girl, she just didn’t want to be told what to do (classic) and was really happy to be with the animals and play equally.

 I think for both of them they feel they can escape. It's a lovely open space but very secure, and there is a familiarity about it which means they are comfortable walking near us, but not with us. 

They like to explore a bit for themselves and Etta especially likes talking with the park rangers which is a really nice thing to see. RAND FARM has been around longer than a lot of the kids who are working there but it really lends itself to having youth as part of the team. The kids think they are the coolest people ever and actually, they are really great at responding to that and helping them out.

RAND FARM for us is still very much a place we want to visit and a great attraction so close to the city. This half term if you are looking for something to do as a local or even a visitor to the city, keep it on your list!

* Our entrance fee was gifted.

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