Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Autumn At Grandma's

I write this post every year. I always end up randomly at my parents' house with a camera and the post kind of writes itself. In fact in previous posts there is always a similar theme because, to be honest, it always throws up the same emotions. I really feel like autumn is my new year. It comes around and I am more eager for it's arrival than that of the actual new year. I just feel it is a time that I truly feel alive. Maybe it is a red head thing? Seeing me blend into the changing colours of the leaves. Brown tones are big in my wardrobe this year too and I do genuinely feel like all is well because autumn is nearly here.

So what is it that is so refreshing? For me, it is really weather based. I just love it when it is warm but windy. We had that here at the weekend, not particularly cold {but I will be in checked coats regardless} but with this almighty breeze that blows your hair all over the place. But for me, I feel like it blows away so much more. I feel I can shed my skin and a year's worth of troubles can fly away in the wind. 

Seems silly but I feel my mental health is at a better place; a place where I can see again. A lot of that is also to do with the kids going back to school, finding my time to think and boy, do I like to. It just opens my head and yes in a way I can become selfish in enjoying that 'me' time with no burdens for 6 hours a day, but I need it and we have built a life that gives me that freedom to work part time and otherwise do my own thing.

I was flicking through some of the pictures from Mum's house. My sister, Kizzy and I took our three down the garden to where a conker tree has grown over the 25 years we have lived there. I swear that it was never there when we were kids and a few years ago we all noticed it! Not proper country folk obviously but in all honesty it is in the paddock where we were never allowed as children as there is a huge pond. It is a great space now though. Always overgrown or very muddy but it is like part of the garden with luscious green grass and some of the biggest trees I have ever seen. Still rules stand and our kids can only go in there with us. 

Every year now I try to take the kids down there just to get the conkers. Is there anything more autumnal with filling your hands with the golden brown conkers that you free from their shells? I love it and that in itself is such a wonderful action of rebirth. Picking up these cases which are part exploded to allow some interior treasure to come out. Pretty much a metaphor for how I am feeling right now too to be honest. 

As more cousins ran down the garden to join us it just made it even better. We were having the opportunity to all get together in grandma's garden which we hadn't done since my sister's wedding 2 weeks ago. What a difference it was, weather especially, but with lots of ribbons still in the trees it wasn't a distant memory yet, it just emphasised how lucky we are to have this space and an opportunity to use it to grow up in. 

With so much of autumn still to come I am so looking forward to more walks outside, enjoying the fire at home and opening up my little Hygge world all over again! Not sure what Hygge is, don't worry, I will be writing about it!

Here are some more pictures from Mum's.



  1. I have serious garden envy!! I found your blog via the #bibs shortlist - good luck!

  2. What a gorgeous garden. You've captured some lovely photos x


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