Thursday, 20 September 2018

Sometimes It's Just The Detail

When it comes to dressing, for me, I feel like the Autumn has brought with it a new lease of life. Once I got to the summer holidays I found it hard to shop, as in my mind I was conscious I only had six weeks to wear it before the weather changed. I preempted my own conversion to layers before it happened and knew really that there wasn't going to be much of my summer wardrobe I could take forward. That's been fine and I have kept out some skirts quite specifically, that I know will work again but really my end of summer buying become solely focused on getting new for autumn. I never buy anything in the summer sales as there just seems to be no point and I use that money to get items ahead of the game before I really need them. One of those items was this shirt from BODEN, I simply couldn't resist it and knowing how I dress I knew that the biggest detail on the shirt would lend itself in such a small way to all my outfits!

It's all about the cuffs on this outfit and I absolutely love that they just poke through and bring some yellow prettiness to this outfit. In fact it wasn't long ago that I was writing about yellow being my happy colour and even though it is definitely not the most popular colour in my wardrobe it sure does POP when I need it too!

Wearing it casually with jeans and a short jacket I have found that this shirt is going to sit perfectly under most things and just flirt a little when I need it to. You can't deny just how cute the broidery is along the cuff edges and just how smart it looks against other autumnal patterns. It is always the detail that draws the eye and when it comes to clothes sometimes it is just the finer details I notice that makes me feel confident in an outfit. 

For me, being able to share my outfit ideas with you is something I love doing so below are the links to the items.



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