Wednesday, 8 June 2016

White trainers, little boys and a man who knows how to wash!!

Ok, so is there anyone who doesn't love a pair of pure white trainers. I love that box fresh feeling you get when you put them on for the first time and they are just glowing in all their bright, white glory.
Well, I think that's how we all felt when Raph put his new white converse on when he was getting ready for my brother's wedding. They looked so cute and matched his little pink shorts and grey blazer ensemble he was wearing. 
Unbeknownst to us though, there were hidden muddy puddles in the grounds of the church and the inevitable happened; they pretty much got destroyed!

In fairness it was only the left that took the real brute of the puddle; the right was not that bad. But it was more than just the general scuff that white trainers would usually take on their first outing. After posting a couple of pictures on Instagram I was given loads of ideas as to how to clean them so I thought I would share them!
Rob is the wash controller in this house and he has a strong love for challenging stains the kids like to get. So before I had the chance to share the knowledge that I was been given he started his usual routine of scrubbing with a hard stain remover soap, soaking in detergent and hot water, putting them through the machine and then doing it all again. It is a good effort, hardly noticable, but not perfect. He won't mind me saying that as I am sure some other ways might get them more clean. They just look like they have been worn a few times which is absolutely brilliant.

Some very knowledgeable people also shared their thoughts,

"Just put them in a pillowcase, then put another one on the other way round and wash at 30."

Really that sounds magic!

A lot of people said to spray them in Liquiproof or Crepe Protect spray before they are worn and that makes them easier to clean.

Some people suggest, scrubbing with washing up liquid and then putting straight into a 30 wash sorts it.

Do you have any other suggestions?


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