Monday, 6 June 2016

Burritos to go!

Sometimes, just sometimes it is totally appropriate to go out with tin foil wrapped burritos in your hand and simply enjoy dinner on the grass. The less taken out the better really; a drink, a knife, a side plate, a punnet of tomatoes, just what you can fill your arms with and simply just sit and eat like you were at a festival. That's what we did for tea tonight. No photographic table settings, no table at all in fact, and only a mat as a pant-less two year old thought it a better idea than sitting on the grass, but all the same, dinner outside as a family in the beautiful sunshine. 

Fancy a burrito tea? This was a bit of a use up one and is great if you have leftover rice and chilli. We had some bolognese so mixed in some chilli and some cooked rice, spooned it into a tortilla wrap, added a dollop of natural yogurt and a handful of cheese. Wrap up in tin foil for a no-plate-necessary tea. Et voila!


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