Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Red Engine Inspiring me to Move Forward.

It is really funny how you can find meaning in things. When I was at the Lincolnshire show recently, I was just wandering around with my sister and we came across this beautiful, vintage fire engine. It was in such beautiful condition, I needed to take a few snaps. But it was when I started to look at the detail to photograph that I came across something very moving. On the front grill was a huge St. Christopher medal. Now, most people might not recognise this to be of any significance, but to me it is very import and I also wear the same symbol around my neck every day. 
St. Christopher is the saint you pray to for protection while travelling and it so proudly sits at the front of this beautiful engine.

What a sight to behold. This old machine holding this image of trust to supervise its travels and work. 
It really got me thinking about how comforting that is. Having someone as a guide and putting your faith in something. 
As a fire engine, I am sure that this model and many, many more over the years have needed such comforts driving to situations where they don't know what the outcome might be, to solve problems, to protect, and serve this country in such a fantastic way.
Who would have thought that the simple vintage fire engine made me think of this.
As with all the news this weekend, there is surely something that must happen; we stick together, enter into the new, feeling brave and confident that we can make a really good change to our country. Let's have faith, as many have before, and if we need to, pray to St. Christopher to protect us on our journey.


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