Friday, 24 June 2016

The Result

The news this morning shows that change has started. Regardless of how you voted, this country is now on a journey and that is only going to be as negative as you make it. After seeing the news I went on facebook and was totally appalled at the attitude of some of the people on there. In fact they pretty much displayed exactly why we have such issues as a human race. They probably couldn't have been more mean about voters' choices, making their friends think their choices are poor and maybe be discouraged to vote again. Their language was disgusting maybe proving that the society that we live in is at an all time low and their view of other people is shameful and they strongly couldn't understand that making divide is how we will fall. 
No matter what the result was ever going to be there were always going to be winners and losers but that doesn't mean we have to now hate the opposition. It is up to us to change that, to independently make the situations better. So much change is needed in this country, even if we had stayed in the EU, but now we have left it, let's make the most of it. Let's keep watch on our government and support them when we agree and tell them when we don't. Let's support our local politicians and instead of just calling them mean names behind their backs (or on facebook) go see them, challenge them in conversation and understand their choices. Be aware of people who might think differently to you and understand just how you can work together for a common good. And lastly STOP CALLING PEOPLE NAMES. Who are you to humiliate and slander another human? Just stop being so mean because I can assure you, it will not make a difference whether you are in or out, we will become a nation of truly horrible people and that is most definitely something I did not vote for.



  1. I totally and utterly agree. It is what it is, and whether we like it or not, this is now what we need to deal with. I feel as though I'm back in a school playground with the nastiness, taking sides, hanging up and name calling. It's like the stroppy kid who hasn't got what they wanted so they're now making a stink about it. It truly saddens me, and scares me too as it is this behaviour which would divide and break a nation, not a decision on a referendum. Like you I am appalled at how those wishing to leave are being sought out almost and truly attacked. I know people who voted to leave and they did it for many good reasons actually, but none of them for anything to do with racism, and it saddens me that so many narrow minded, bullies are are now assuming that this must obviously be the case. I'm with you, it's how we now choose to accept this decision and move on which will show what a truly great nation we are. One that unites and is able to move forward together, not one that breaks apart, just because some people aren't happy with a result. Let's hope it all settles down soon eh. Steph xxx

  2. Thanks Steph,
    It was crazy, and I think it has got a bit out of hand. We also know lots of people who voted out with none of what is being suggested in mind. In fact, they have really promising views.hopefully it will calm down some bit now but there will always be outspoken people, hopefully not to the degree that it was though. Emily xx


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