Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentine's gift guide for the girls.

With Valentine's day coming up in a few weeks, I thought I would hop onto Not On The Highstreet and have a browse at some gorgeous gifts. It is a great website for showcasing such a breadth of independent businesses and offer such a big range of gift ideas. I always love using it to inspire me when looking for presents.
Knowing that Rob reads every single one of these post before they get published I thought I would give him a bit of food for thought (wink wink) and share some beautiful bits that really caught my eye!

As a fan of anything personalised I just loved this Tillyanna tote with gorgeous typography. What a simple carrier with a beautiful twist and only £16 so perfect for those shopping on a budget!

I have seen a few bits by Merci Maman pop up on instagram and I really love their personalised bracelets. This infinity bracelet is so delicate and perfect for inscribing loved one's names on. I just love it in the rose gold, but also in silver and gold.

These gift tags by Linseymouse just were so simple that I needed to include them! What beautifully written tags to finish off the wrapping to these presents!

Every girl deserves some luxurious comfort. These cashmere socks by the Quirky Gift Library are a perfect gift for the girl who loves cosy nights in watching movies and snuggling. What a beautiful shade of pink and I bet they are gorgeously soft!

And speaking of super soft this mohair blanket looks stunning! Atlantic Blankets have produced this stunning throw ready to adorn any home. I love pink, and soft pinks especially always draw me in! Happy cuddling!

As far as wish lists go, I think this beauty is at the top! I think this is the most stunning scarf ever and Gabrielle Vary have produced a fashion piece that would seriously look amazing with my whole wardrobe! Huge amount of love for this piece of knit wear!

These bed pillows are so simple and cute for any bed. The Old English Company have such a wonderful idea which has been executed really simply. They are so effective though and I love the typography style, very romantic for bedtime snuggles.

How beautiful is this starburst necklace by Dose of Rose. It looks so very special and delicate, something that would truly be very special to wear. (This is also up there as a real favorite Rob if you need help!)

One of my most favourite pictures signs I have seen in ages. What a great print to have in your bedroom not only as a constant reminder of what I would like to do but also a happy pusher of ideas on how to spend a Sunday morning with the kids! By The Motivated Type.

I think these 3 are my favourites. Is there any thing that you fancy?


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