Thursday, 7 January 2016

Falling in love with letter writing

I love the post-Christmas present enjoyment. When you have children, I think it is quite hard to initially enjoy each gift as there is so much excitement going on and they are desperate to get into their gifts. I received a calligraphy set from Father Christmas and at first I was a little surprised as it was something additional to what I had asked for, but I was so pleased to have something craft to play with. However, I put it down and didn't get back to it until about 4 days later. When I eventually got into it though, I was hooked. Well I still would be if Giulietta hadn't come by and picked up the pot of ink and poured it all over the table. I have never being so thankful for our PVC table cloth. No damage, we were lucky! Before that happened though I'd had a brilliant play trying out the different nibs that came in the set and changing my writing style to try to be more artistic. 
What I love about ink writing is that you can become so artistic: big swirls or tiny squiggles, it all ends up looking beautiful. Since I now have no ink I am going to treat myself to a few and get some pretty colours as well as just black or blue. I'd love some gold, or even white and get some black paper. I think I am really going to enjoy this set and I am sure you will be seeing a few hand drawn pictures on the blog as I get better.


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