Monday, 25 January 2016

Perfect poncho for fair weather.

We have been so blessed with this mild January. When we were on holiday there were actually Daffodils in full bloom; I couldn't believe it!! But it is hard to get your head around this warm winter isn't it? I know I should be wearing thick coats and boots but some days a jacket has been fine and trainers, with no socks!! Crazy! 
Once the end of January begins to appear it is really nice seeing all the shops getting their new spring wear in, but no matter how mild it is, it still isn't time to be wearing just a t-shirt! I have been looking at finding some nice outerwear, things that are really versatile and perfect for pulling on with jeans and boots. After seeing this Tessa Poncho appear in the JOULES AW15 collection I was very envious of bloggers who had it and were styling it beautifully. It seems like the most versatile piece for day wear whether it is cool or warm. You can layer it up with thinner jumpers underneath and team it to a pair of ankle boots, like my Leopard print ones, or you can pull on a pair jeans with some bright white trainers and have a more spring time look! 

I think these ponchos look amazing and have a beautiful simplicity about them. What is not to love? One piece to keep the chill out whether you are at home or running to pick up a fresh batch of tulips, this is one wardrobe essential that I think you will love. But which colour to get?? 
I am a huge lover of grey and the softness of the knit in this colour really appeals to me. Imagine all the soft spring shades that will go with it! Or even classic black and white, I always love monochrome styles. 
The navy blue also appeals to me because of my colouring. I always find navy suits me and as a clothing colour I love it. 

I have been browsing through the Joules website and have made myself an outfit wish list. All these new bits are so gorgeous, and with the poncho as an extra layer they are brilliant ideas for the winter to spring wardrobe update.

Oh it's so hard to not enter everything into my shopping basket! I Just love how 'easy to wear' this poncho looks and would love to try it with any outfits like these.

If you fancy trying out any of these new spring styles head to Joules now for the latest looks.


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