Thursday, 1 October 2015

This weeks #mamabakescakes

You lot get A+ for effort this week while I let the side down. Since Raph started school last week, my mind has been focused on planning my day to quite specific timings. I have never struggled with being on time before but it is more the constraints of timing what I do so that it fits in the time slots. Each day seems to have just disappeared and I have no cake to share with you guys!!
However the brilliant Nanda has been queen of the kitchen and produced this bucket of gorgeousness!

If only I lived closer to you!

I have loved your bakes this week! 

They make me get so hungry, just looking at them. I almost just want to grab a spoon and delve into the picture!

Keep baking and tagging your pictures as this month the lovely Daisy Blue Candles will be gifting one of h
their candles to her favourite bake!

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