Wednesday, 21 July 2021


I have never been a sun worshipper, but as I have gotten older I have really begun to connect with its healing power and yearn for its presence. The thing is, living in the light is transformative. Living in an understanding of the sun always being there above your day will change how you live. 

Light has always been the greatest source of energy. We get comfort from it. In the darkest space, when we see that tiny flicker of light, we find hope. We find a hope that there IS something there. Something that can be with us and something that makes us not feel alone. 

The thing is with the sun, even on the cloudy days he is still above us. He is there to restore the world's surface, to warm, to help grow, to give sight. Even when we have a complete feeling of emptiness and distress, he is there shining down giving you the ability to see. 

We might not have the luxury of feeling it everyday but we live in the knowledge that it is there. The days we can feel it though, when we can walk outside, sit by a window, cover our eyes because it is so bright; those days are the ones when we can show our presence, show our gratitude, be out in its glory and we are really living.

More recently I am believing that connecting with the present day really makes you appreciate the moments that pass by. Spending just a few minutes to reconnect with your thoughts rather than be on the train with the average 6,200 thoughts we have a day just helps to realign what we are doing. Diving into your day with good intentions to get through the busyness in the best way possible is a great start. Living in hope that the day may just be good is always a good place to be on a morning but having this mindset and coupling it with a great appreciation for something simple that you have everyday, like the light and warmth of the sun will manifest into a true love of stopping and connecting with the world.


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