Monday, 5 July 2021

MIND // 10 Ways to boost Self Esteem

"Confidence in one's own worth and abilities". 

Self esteem can be so hard to have and easy to lose. The simplest of actions can help us grow in stature but can also tear us down. I know from my own experience the pain of losing any self belief and I felt it was the right time to share a few tips to help you build Self confidence if you are finding yourself in a bit of a slump.
The thing is we can go through seasons in our lives when we just cannot see our value. It sounds quite sinister but it is meant in sincerity. We all have patches of self doubt and a lack in confidence or belief in ability. It does happen and having had a global pandemic the last year we really have to focus on rebuilding lives we once had. With all the change maybe we have changed and I think now is a great time to just focus on you and find ways to help yourself rebuild.
With that in mind I just wanted to share a few ways to help you boost your confidence. 

1. Smile at someone everyday. 

2. Accept who you are, flaws and all.

3. Think on your positive qualities, write them down and stick them to the bathroom mirror so you can remind yourself everyday of how good you are.

4. Value your achievements, even the tiny ones. Make sure you keep celebrating all the little wins.

5. Know that you are valued and capable. 

6. Read positive affirmations

7. Learn to accept compliments

8. Dance

9. Avoid negative self talk

10. Believe you can

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