Friday, 23 July 2021

FOOD// Bento Box Cakes

Who knew that making simple sponge cakes and portioning them into takeaway tubs would be quite so sensational but it seems the world of Instagram said it should be so and I am really thankful that so many people loved the idea of preparing cakes this way.

I actually made these Bento Box Cakes as I was off to friends and we were going to be outside so I thought just having a portion already made and in a disposable box would be a really easy way to bring something to the table. I had no idea that they were going to look quite so cute and actually prove to be a really practical way to bake cakes and take them with you on trips out.

What makes them so easy is that you bake them and take them in the same tin (which can be recycled too) which means no washing up, no finding matching Tupperware bases and lids and no mess.

What you will need to make your own Bento Box Cakes:

A pack of foil take away boxes (available from most supermarkets in the household aisle).
Cake mix
Frosting and toppings of your choice.

For the cake, you could probably do anything. I can't think of anything that wouldn't work. The idea being that you make your mix and just split it into the foil trays. For these cakes I actually did a funfetti cake topped with Betty Crockers vanilla icing (the best) and sprinkles.

I poured a standard mixture into four trays but I think I could certainly make 5 and just have a bit less mixture in as they rose really well. 

In my oven they cooked beautifully so when they were done I just left them to cool before decorating with frosting and sprinkles.

With the takeaway sets you get the classic cardboard lids which just fit on my cakes, but meant that they became transportable and mess free. They also became storable and if I wanted to I could have not decorated them all and put a couple in the freezer for when you need quick cakes!

These Bento Box cakes are a great little thing and something that simply just looks too darn cute. 

*The idea was inspired by a mix of content I have seen over Instagram and Pinterest so I thought I would share my version.


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