Monday, 21 June 2021

LIFESTYLE // Seas The Day


I really like to share our little family as the seasons go by. These photos were from the May half term when we were fortunate enough to get a few days out travelling to the Lincolnshire coast. This is a place I really haven't utilised in the last decade. It is only just over an hour away from Lincoln itself but having many distorted views about how the water wasn't as clear and the waves weren't as powerful as the likes of Cornwall and Norfolk I really talked myself out of visiting it. Looking back it's so foolish. But I suppose we all have a little something that we just don't think about doing because of a) effort and b) general mood. However having now been to Anderby Creek 3 times in a week I know that this place will be well visited from now on. 
Anderby Creek is pretty much bang in the middle of Skegness and Mablethorpe. It's a beautiful place because unlike a lot of seaside towns this area has one simple bucket and spade shop and a beach side cafe. Further back from that there are caravan parks and another restaurant but other than the car park and toilets there is no other attraction there which means if you are going to Anderby Creek you are going to the beach and the beach only. Skegness and Mablethorpe have all the usual beach side activities so if that's what you are after then within 20 minutes you can find those sorts of venues. For us, I just want the wind, plenty of space and the sound of those waves crashing. 

What do beach days look like for us as a family?

Like Disney's Moana says: "There's a line where the sky meets the seas, it calls me."
I know most people probably have the same feeling. As soon as you see the water on the horizon you get a definite feeling. For me it makes me feel so small, water can seem so vast, but with that I also feel connected, like I am meant to be right there at that moment. A real connection to being.

For the kids, it is the biggest playground. The sand and water seems like an unbelievable opportunity to just be wild. The noise of the waves crashing sends them into a frenzy and they are just so happy being close to it. More than anything I notice that they can become really imaginative, running in and out to the water, letting it crash over them with no care. I guess they feel liberated too.

Coming from a serial Cornwall holidayer, being in the water is a really natural thing to enjoy. I spent all my teenage summers in the Cornish sea with no care in the world. Now I am a panicky water swimmer having developed certain fears since having children that stop me venturing out more. I get in, I always do, at least up to my thighs but I just can't bring myself to get out further; but that is going to change this year, one of my self developments so watch this space!

Body boarding is what we all like most though. I still get a thrill even catching the little waves that the Lincolnshire coast offers, who'd have thought?

Other beautiful aspects of beach days are that we all are a part of them. We never bring much to do and can often just be sat watching the water and be totally satisfied with that. There are obviously plenty of lengths to walk down or pools to enjoy. Taking less and just enjoying the beach for what it is is key though; its natural beauty is enough entertainment for us. 

Heading to the beach even when it's not a real trek seems to be just as exhausting by the end of the day. By the time we return home our cheeks are always windswept and we are often ravenous but there sits a deep satisfaction of a day well spent.


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