Friday, 25 June 2021

HOME INTERIORS // What's New Around The House

I thought I should share a small catch up post about how the house is looking. Having shared a few posts of the bedrooms earlier on in the year I thought I would show you how our space looks after an Winter/Spring of pottering on it. 

Like most homes our space is ever changing to suit our needs. We have constantly strived to have more storage to help keep the house looking clean. With everything that has happened this last year and Rob very much still working we have pottered along on a couple of projects which are edging closer to being concluded. Our biggest build since plastering last year was a beautiful sideboard which now sits in our living space. Storing everything from hats and wellies to tech. It's just another good use of the space we had and it has allowed us to modernise our home a bit more. For Rob this was a real labour of love and learning. I won't be writing a how to because it was a personal experience of figuring a lot of it out but I wanted to share the idea and finished structure to inspire any others in their furniture building projects.

 As wood panelling seems to be one of the most current popular house trends I decided that I also wanted to feature a bit more wood in the house, but I wanted something that reflected the natural state of the product. To match the side board we have also panelled the cupboard doors opposite and we plan to move the same idea into our bedroom space in the attic to bring a more wholesome Scandinavian vibe up there. Our bedroom is a brilliant space and has always done us well but it needs some love to keep up with the rest of the house now! I will be showing you all that when it is done.

Other things around the house that I haven't shared are our beautiful sash window mirrors which we made years ago and have been painted black from white creating a more industrial look. I have added some shelves where our old full size chalkboard used to be. I have also added shelves and a mirror to the bottom of the stairs having replastered this whole area last September. 

Other small differences are that I have replaced rugs downstairs for jute ones. We sanded off the paint from the under stairs cupboard door so it is back to its bare original state. Over the last 6 months we have also repainted the whole downstairs which has kept it feeling bright and airy and of course cleaner than it was. 

Other than that list, we are still happily living in our small ex-council house in the middle of town and feel more fortunate than ever to have this beautiful space that we have created ourselves. Has your house changed much over the last year? Ours just seems to have been ongoing for so long and beyond now is still being changed. Rob has also extended our drive by getting rid of a bit of lawn and we have removed the kids' climbing frame and replaced it with a trampoline.

We are so pleased with all our changes and like I said, our attic bedroom needs some love, but the home to-do list never ends and we love that!

A few more pictures from our living space.

Shopping List:

Most of the things in our house are collected over time or even old things transformed to new.
My vases are nearly all old and repainted by me.
Posters are from Desenio / Flower Love Child
Poster Frames JYSK
Lamp Similar Dunelm
Rugs Next
Round Chair Cox & Cox

Other things are collected from all sorts of places, gifts, ebay and local shops. A collection of things.


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