Tuesday, 29 June 2021

FASHION// Dress & Jeans

I still love talking about fashion but my biggest problem in recent months is that I really have felt compelled to not push people towards buying. I really don't like that idea anymore so I have not talked about fashion as much as I used to. In all honesty, I just never want people to feel pressured to always have to buy something new to make a look. It has been hard as well because there has been an element of not buying lots of nice things because of the global situation of being locked down means that many fashion purchases may end up being wasted. With all these thoughts though I can't get away from the fact that I love clothes, shopping and taking pictures of nice outfits. I Suppose what I really want to do is just say, like a disclaimer; use my pictures for ideas and don't forget to shop your own wardrobe before you buy something new!

I know I have shared similar outfits to these in the past but I never think oversharing a style or way you like to dress is a bad thing. I know if you have followed me for a while this won't be a revelation but I simply love wearing dresses over my jeans. So much in fact that recently I was sharing again on Instagram and I felt I needed to get the pictures down on here too. 

So why do I love it? I just find this look really suits me and it makes me feel very pretty. That is what dressing is all about right? That feeling of just simply feeling good in what you wear. All three of these different outfits are very old. Items that haven't been worn at all in the last year but as we come out into spring/summer I am finding I have a real want to dress like this and feel very comfortable doing so. 

As always fashion isn't about trend following. The idea of looking good doesn't necessarily come from the clothes on your back but from the joy within. I want to tell you to enjoy your clothes, not just buy them because everyone else is.

My 3 dress over jeans look:

Yellow Ghost Dress (Old but still for sale here) Alternative Ghost Dress / Great Plains Dress

Red silky dress H&M (Old) Alternative  Ghost Dress / White Stuff Dress

Blue Denim Dress Nobody's Child (Old) Alternative Mango Dress / Warehouse Dress Jeans Boden (Old) Alternative Oasis Jeans / & Other Stories Jeans


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