Thursday, 14 July 2016

Brownie Doughnuts!

I suppose the reality of this post is just confirming my new love for brownies. It's not that it is a new love really, just a revived one! Now please don't think I am some kind of domestic goddess, no, no, no, but if opening a pack of Betty Crocker's Chewy Brownie mix makes you one then hand me the badge. Because that is where all my brownie making starts. I know, I know, what a big fat cheat, but it is so quick and easy, in 10 mins the brownies are already in the oven and cooking! 

These doughnuts specifically are very easy to make but it do rely on you having a doughnut tray or mini bundt tins to make them happen. I have 4 mini bundt tins which I just picked up cheap from the supermarket. It was a case of mixing the mix, popping in a piping back and squeezing a ring into each greased tin. 
It was that easy, bake for around 15 mins on 180 and there you have it. Allow to cool and cover in icing and sprinkles. For a relatively simple method the results are really great.


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