Monday, 25 July 2016

An Impromtu Week Off!

I never plan to take holiday from blogging but sometimes life just throws a curve ball and other things come first. As blogging is still a wonderful hobby for me, rather than full time work at the moment, I don't have dedicated days of work. It is really lovely actually as its popularity is making it edge towards full time work, which I love. It really bothers me though when I have no time to get to a computer and share my thoughts. Last week was a total write off but for all the right reasons. One thing I don't mind is not being active on the blog due to holidays or important time with family and friends. This past week was pretty much dedicated to my friend Jenny and to Raph. Jenny kindly asked me to do her wedding flowers but that is not a one day event. The whole lead up to the flowers made me busy most days; last prepping and making and then attending the wedding. By the time I walked through the door I had no head space to think about writing as it was also Raph's birthday last week and evenings were taken up with present wrapping, baking and house cleaning. Raph also finished school for summer last week so everything culminated on the latter few days of the week leaving me totally dedicated to the ones I love! As if that wasn't enough, Rob and I also celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!
It was 100% full to the brim of love, laughter and a bit of stress but to be honest it was so enjoyable and I am starting this week thoroughly exhausted but smiling thinking about all the precious moments I partook in!

Here is to getting on this week and sharing some fantastic things with you guys!


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