Thursday, 12 May 2016

Unisex stripes....eventually!

I always knew that when a high street store actually cottoned on to the fact that stripes are a totally unisex pattern and produced the same top for boys and girls, they would be on to a winner. Seriously, what an easy concept! T-shirts are t-shirts and for all children there doesn't need to be a special cut to decipher whether it is for males or females; a basic tee in a stripe print can be worn by both. WELL DONE Joules who, as far as I am aware, have not sectioned this top to one or the other, the same top is available for both boys and girls which is an item I have waited for, for ages!

I know, I know, obviously shopping between sections for opposites sexes is totally allowed, but I have always found that a girls section will stock more plain striped items than the boys which would usually have some kind of graphic over the top. And a lot of the time the girls tops are often given that pleated cap sleeve so it is obviously styled more femininely. I have always just wanted Raph in plain stripes, you wouldn't have thought it was that difficult to shop for, just a nice navy stripe. It was, but not anymore!

After just stumbling across these Navy Breton Harbour tops I was nearly tempted to buy every colour that was on offer for the kids. Trust me, I have looked for good striped, long sleeved tops for ages and there are loads of cheap ones on the market but that is what they are, cheap. They don't wash well and they misshape, but with joules and through experience of having the adult versions of these tops they wash and wear really well. 

Am I mad? Nope, just addicted to stripes!


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