Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Family Wedding

A family wedding is always a wonderful time for celebration. My Brother got married recently and we all travelled north to celebrate with family and friends.
I find weddings are one of the most romantic events for Rob and I to reflect on our own marriage. Not that we ever say anything to each other about it but through the wedding services I find myself looking at him and smiling in almost affirmation as I hear the vows being said and truly appreciate the words with regard to our marriage.
I suppose in the moment, as bride and groom, it is so hard to truly understand the words you are stating until you are in situations during your marriage. Standing before each other and declaring your love and support through all hardships and joys is a moment that you probably think, yes, of course I will do this for my spouse, but it isn't until the years after that day when you will find these vows being tested and used as you work through life.
I love being reminded of them at weddings, thinking about how Rob and I have done this, how we work through and support each other in sufferings and celebrate each other in joys. It is wonderful being reminded of this with family, as well and remembering that all the stresses beforehand and during the build up to this big day can be washed away as you all realise that the most important part of this is that moment when you say 'I do' and you become part of a team. A team in your marriage and a team as a family as two groups of people merge to form one powerful group to support and love for the rest of your days.
Congratulations Fred and Sarah, the family is growing and it is now a joy to have more 'brothers and sisters' to share happy times with.


By the way, this photo is only of my parents and 7 siblings with partners and our children.


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