Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bedtimes with GLTC: Testing Team Review

100% cotton is definitely one of the things I look for on bedding labels when it comes to purchasing new bed linen and with the children sharing a room, colour and print style also come pretty high up on the list of importance. I would normally just stick to plain white bedding; it is easy to get hold of, washes well and just keeps the beds looking fresh. Every so often though it is nice to change to something a little more child centred. It is their room after all, so being able to add colour is an important thing to do for them.

I have spoken about Raphael's lovely Grey Star bedding before. It is a beautiful simple print that would suit any child and matches his grey and white room well. I was struggling for some coloured bedlinen for Etta, being very picky myself, only to not waste money on items that I don't really want. I had been waiting to see if GLTC were going to bring out a 'girls' range that was softer in shade to some of their others. Well now they have in the form of this beautiful pink scallop design. And what a pretty set it is!

You know me, you know what I like; soft simple, matchy and with the kids sharing a room they have to compliment each other and that is where GLTC get it so right. So many of their ranges can complement each other and can be mixed and matched which makes my job easier.
Creating a happy home is what they believe they can achieve with their products and I know their things are making our home design very happy indeed!

The details: like I said, these are 100% cotton bed sheets. They wash very well, don't bobble, don't loose colour and I never iron bedlinen if I don't have to, but depending on your own techniques of drying (we use airers and the washing line) you might want to give it a press but creases drop out after a couple of days. As far as our Testing Team roles work, our review of these is just simply beautiful, I love them, the kids love them and they look beautiful against their white beds and grey coloured room.


*This post is in collaboration with GLTC as part of our Testing Team role.

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