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The Cat's Out The Bag

The Cat's Out The Bag

When I was contacted by Catherine from 'The Cats Out The Bag', I was so pleased to offer our blog as a tester to her small sewing business. The opportunity to meet creative minds always gets me excited and I love finding new businesses who produce beautiful products that inspire me.
'The Cats Out The Bag' is a project that Catherine started pre-children and has now commenced again since having twin boys. She was taught to sew by her grandmother and has developed a very professional finish on her items. I am more a ''sew and go'' kinda girl; get the job done almost, but you can see Catherine's time and effort has really been worked into her pieces as they are so professionally finished.  
The development of Catherine's sewing business in Shropshire has built up new motion in the last few months as life working with children has become more balanced. She is producing some of the most creative and quaint pieces that can be made to a costumers unique requirements. If you visit her facebook page you will see loads of pictures of quirky vintage fabrics and pieces she has already made. Catherine usually works with small amounts of fabrics making one-off pieces and creating beautiful (and impeccably neat) pieces of work. She gifted me 3 wonderful pieces that she said she would surprise me with, after reading so much about us on our blog. I couldn't be more happy in how well she seems to know me! 

My first item was this beautiful ipad case. It is made in a lovely neutral cream and star print fabric. The padded wallet fits my ipad2 and the velcro fastening inside holds it all together. This is the first case like this I have used and I feel that It would protect my ipad when I am carting it around between work and home. It is also good as it hides the screen away from little fingers.

My second item was a beautiful tote bag in the same star print. Obviously I have a lot of bags around the house, but I am quite specific what I use them for. This perfectly matches the room decor in Etta's nursery so clearly it is made for her! As a lover of soft toys and her 3 blankets, it is going to be really useful for hanging in her room and storing her collection of Jellycat animals and clean blankets in. 

The third and possibly my favourite is the beautiful clutch bag. It is made out of a black and white cotton spot fabric with electric blue lining: I just love this. I think for me it isn't just the kind of bag I keep for evenings out; you could even use it to store multiple little things in in a big handbag so you could use it everyday. I just love the pattern and everything about it really!

Being a sewer and maker myself, you might think ''I could do this'', but to be honest, I don't have the patience or that intricate skill to be really specific about my sewing. What Catherine is producing is far better quality than I ever could and her fabric choices and designs work so well together it leaves me questioning how does she do it with twin boys?
Following her on Facebook is showing me that her one-offs sell super quick in her Etsy shop so if you want to pick up something you have to get in there quick! Catherine also offers a more made-to-order service and I am sure she will talk to you about ideas and fabric choices if you have specific requirements.

I urge you to check out The Cat's Out The Bag on Facebook as there are great pictures of her products on there. Her ETSY has all of her current makes on too. I am loving the mens moustache toiletries bag and gem stone clutch!!

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