Tuesday, 2 February 2021

CREATIVE // Spring Bulb Terrarium


I have been so impressed by the results of this lovely spring bulb terrarium that I wanted to share how you could fully enjoy the wonder of nature in a simply spectacular way.

Having seen some examples of indoor non-soil planters I really wanted to have a go and use some of my large glass flower vases to experiment and see if I could grow some mini Narcissi in their bare form. Having picked up a couple of cheap planted bulbs (all I could get) I cleaned them of their soil and created a terrarium to enjoy in our home.

What you need;
Large Glass vases like these ones from GARDEN TRADING
Narcissi Bubs; mine were from the supermarket.
Pebbles or small stones; mine were from my driveway
A small amount of water

What to do:
If, like me, you pick up some bulbs that have already been planted you need to clean the soil off them. The little tubs you can pick up from the supermarket for a couple of pounds are great but make sure you gently shake the soil off and rinse them in tepid water to remove any excess dirt. Don't scrub them clean or anything, just a rinsing will do.

Then arrange a few handfuls of pebbles in the bottom of a glass vase. They needed to be a couple of inches deep in my vases as they are quite tall.

Pour in some water so it sits just below the top line of the pebbles. When you sit the bulbs on top you don't want them sat directly in water, this will rot the bases and roots. 
Sit the bulbs, well spaced from each other, on stones that aren't submerged as the roots will find the water as they need to. 

Then simply watch them grow. It is amazing. Within days they should adjust and you will see them sprouting . 

Withing the week we got our first flower head and it just got better after that.

I absolutely love the look of these, seeing the roots and watching the process of growing so closely. It just seemed like the perfect natural experiment that allowed us to see nature bloom.

These vases look great on the side board, a beautiful alternative to a vase of cut flowers.


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  1. Hi Emily,
    What a beautiful idea 😍 do you think it would work with larger bulbs, say full sized daffodils or tulips, perhaps?
    Thanks, RC


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