Sunday, 7 February 2021

CREATIVE // Creating Art Work For Children's Bedrooms & The Best New Bought Prints Too

I am so excited to start sharing the children's recently redecorated bedrooms on the blog. I didn't want to rush into it because I wanted to work on really finishing them off well before I shared them. Part of the process I have found the hardest is finding prints for the kids' walls. I love print houses like Desenio for ease in finding well priced poster art but the problem is so does every one else. Don't get me wrong, nearly all the prints in my house can be found on there but for the kids' rooms I wanted to really find some more individual pieces from artisans themselves rather than mass produced, but great quality prints available. That in itself came with its own problem, the price, which I do not dispute at all; buying originals from artists is more expensive and should be, but with me not working it was much harder to click purchase on all the prints I wanted to buy. 

So instead of running up an art debt I split it by paying for some prints from some amazingly talented people and producing my own which will do for now. This has kept my costs down, allowed me to get a bit creative and meant that I could finish the kids' rooms off a bit more. The kids have enjoyed it anyway, seeing the things I produce and the things I called prototypes and threw away. I always think creativity isn't always about the end product, You learn from all the processes and that can be the fun part.

I thought I would share what I have bought and what I have made to give a bit of inspiration for people to use in their own homes. This isn't a full bedroom reveal just the nice art work!

So like I said, a lot of the prints already in my house are from Desenio; this is because it is very easy to access the style I like and they are also a good price. In Raph's room a couple of the prints are Desenio but for one of them I have painted over. I just felt it was a bit plain and after spending an afternoon painting with the kids I added a bit more colour to match the boys room and mood. I also made an accompanying print to pair it up with.

Original Prints from Desenio in Raphael's room // You Are Awsome / High Five

I then asked Instagram for some help finding really cool modern artists whose prints would suit a boy's room and I was directed to WONDER AND RAH. I am so pleased about that. I hope to buy more of these prints in the future. I adore these two!

Original Prints from Wonder & Rah // Tapestry 01 / WONDER 

In Etta's room I found choosing prints and creating them really easy. I don't know what it is but I am sure it's because I am a girl and find the feminine spin on art an easier one to reproduce.

She has had lots of attempts of 'Mummy's art' in her room but we have settled on an apple and pear, both done with acrylics and a yellow rainbow as her "free art". I am pleased with these, and once all in matching frames with their homemade gingham hangers, they really just sit well against her purchased prints.

Annie Dornan Smith is an artist I have long been a fan of. In fact two of the prints in Etta's room were mine but I thought I would purchase a third to add to them and form a collection. Annie's flowers are so pretty; blending vintage and modern styles together. The three prints from her range look so good against the pink of Etta's walls.

Annie Dornan Smith Original Prints // Anemone / Paeonia / Rosa

I had a print commissioned for Etta's room by a family friend, a girl who had produced a Lino print of the Virgin Mary earlier in the year. I contacted her and asked her to run a print in black and white for me as her original blue version wouldn't suit. She was so happy to and after a few attempts sent me this one. I am so pleased with how it looks.

If you like this also I will share the information privately as they are made to order.

I do really enjoy shopping for art. I spend hours on Etsy just looking at what people are able to produce. Sometimes I am in awe and sometimes others inspire me to try my own versions. 

What do you think? Are you arty and therefore try making things for your home before buying?


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