Tuesday, 7 July 2020

CREATIVE // Polymer Clay Earthy Tone Rainbow Magnets

I have been so inspired by warm tone craft projects that I only now seem to work with shades of orange! Here are some warm tone rainbow magnets.

It is quite apparent on my Pinterest Page that I am drawn to anything coloured in warm earthy tones. My current favourite colour spectrum ranges from shades like Burnt Sienna to Yellow Ochre to Dull Peach and Warm Rose; I mean, you probably get the picture. I don't know if it is the sunshine or the balmy palmy images I see where everything is a perfect shade of terracotta but I am well and truly hooked on those colours. And why not? They make me feel so warm. 

I purchased some Fimo (polymer clay) after seeing some craft work with it on Pinterest and decided to have a go at making what is currently one of the most symbolic icons in this country right now; a rainbow. However, I wanted to makes something really minimal with a nod in the colour direction of summer and this is what we have ended up with.

The Recipe

I have used Fimo in colours SAHARA, FLESH LIGHT and COGNAC to get that really warm tone. 
You will also need some extra strong glue and small magnets like these .

I simply rolled the fimo into long sausages (sorry, best way to describe them) and then simply laid them around each other in a traditional rainbow shape before trimming the ends evenly. You don't need to squeeze them together to stick, just make sure each strand is touching and they fuse together by themselves. Leave them to then sit on some parchment paper ready for baking.

You then follow polymer clay instructions for baking the clay. These you have to cook for 30 mins at 110°C but different clays have different instructions so make sure you follow them.

Once out of the oven and cooled you can then attach the magnets. Mine had a sticky pad but I also used glue to secure them. Then they are done.

These are a wonderfully simple craft that older children will also enjoy doing. They are now on my fridge holding little memories of our summers in Lake Como, Italy.



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